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Chatham Historical Society
Genealogical and Personal Manuscript Collection
Heman Harding Papers, (1920-1936)

Volume: 9.2 Linear Feet
Provenance: Papers came from the estate of Virginia Harding McGrath
Restrictions: None
Processed by: Marilyn Coffin Brown 2004-2005

Biographical Note

Heman Andrew Harding, prominent Cape Cod Lawyer and Chatham native, was born on February 6, 1871. He was the son of Andrew Harding and Avis A. Reynolds and the grandson of Barzilla Harding. Heman went to local schools; spent a year at Boston University; graduated from Harvard University in 1896; and from Harvard Law School in 1898. He first established his law office near the Barnstable Court House in 1906 and then in 1929 moved his practice to Chatham. Heman married Edith Crowell Farmer in 1907 and they had one daughter, Virginia. He was a representative to the General Court from the Second Barnstable District, and served as a state senator in 1905-06. Considered to be the leading the leading authority on Massachusetts shellfish law, he was appointed by Governor Frank G. Allen (1929-1931) to the Commission for the Revision of Marine Fisheries and Shellfish Laws. He was president of the Barnstable County Bar Association and a Special Justice of the Second District Court. He also was vice president of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. In Chatham, he was president and treasurer of the Eldredge Public Library, chairman of the School Board (1897-1899) and chairman of the Board of Selectmen (1899-1900). He was also Chatham Town Counsel for many years and at various times served as counsel for other Cape Cod towns.

Scope and Content Note

These boxes contain the legal papers of Heman Andrew Harding (1871-1936). Of special interest are boxes 50-53 and 66-68 relating to the will of Kate Augustina Gould (1871-1930). Other papers pertain to land court matters, the Marconi Station, car repossessions, other wills, the divorce of Harold Dunbar, and the sale of Monomoyick Inn. Also included are many small hand drawn maps. See also the papers of his daughter, Virginia Harding McGrath (1908-1987). Her family papers show the settling of Heman’s estate and outstanding legal cases. They also include an extensive collection of family letters and genealogical information.

The original order of the papers has been maintained, and a photocopy of the outside label of each old box has been filed within the archival box into which the papers have been placed.

Box 50 (1)
Kate Gould Estate Papers

A. Brief, Martha Gould Townsend

B. Harding, Petitioner, Martha Townsend

C. Comm. of Mass. Probate Court, Mar ’30

D. Design for Boulder Inscription, Memorial Park

E. Illness statements

F. Correspondence re: boulder plaque

G. First account of Heman Harding 1933-34

H. Income taxes: 1929-32

I. Trustees Probate Papers

J. Park-Inquiries re: sun dial, furniture, tablet

K Executor’s inventory and correspondence

L. Dr. Richard Ginn, lease Sept 1932

M. Re: stockholders of E.E. Gray Corp

N. Heman Harding letter re: publishing of citation

O Probate-Special Inventory of furniture

R. Legatees and Deorsees’ Correspondence.

S. Sale of dental office

T. Correspondence re: Chatham Historical Society and Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Box 51 (2)

A. Probate will–Martha Gould Townsend

B. Will Mehitable C. Howes, Kate Gould executrix.

C. Estate papers of Mehitable Howes

D. Codicil will of ” ”

E. Kiernan, J. F. notes 12-32

F. Misc. after will contest

G. Master proof of will–Kate Gould

H. Testimony Dec. 1932

I. Kiernan, J.F. attorney for estate

J. Bills due to estate

K. Respondents’ council fees

L. Chatham Monitor, notice of appointment

M. Kate Gould bills

N. Kate Gould notes for will etc.

O. Proof of will—empty envelope

Box 52 (3)

A. Eldredge Public Library

B. Law

C. 1933 tax

D. Office Correspondence.

E. Morrill

F. 1932 and 1934 taxes

G. Letters and financial statement

H. Mass Taxes

I. Probate of will

J. Letter dated May 1933

K. Sale of real estate for taxes

L. Hale & Dorr

M. Hale on real estate sale

N. Hale & Dorr correspondence.

O. Misc. papers

P. Town of Chatham

Q. Memorial Park development

R. Cemetery lot

S. Printed copy resume of will

Box 53 (4)

A. Allie H. Sawyer papers, 1928

B. Sawyer Title before land court

C. Sawyer, notes on title

D. Land plans

E. 10 unidentified pictures

F. Edw. Hurd land court papers

G. Land plans for Edw. Hurd

Box 54 (5)

A. Seth Baker, land court papers

B. Benj. Thompson, Lillie Cole land, Harwich

C. Harold Dunbar divorce

D. Anna Lord & Theo Kingsbury land deed to Norman White

E. Gershom Hall vs. Ernest Eldridge, death of child

Box 55 (6)

A. Boothby’s Abstracts

B. Boothby’s land court papers

C. ” ” ” ”

D. Marcelia Kelley, pleadings Levi Eldredge

E. H.A.H. plans

F. Boothby’s Abstract

G. Trial material

H. Boothby’s reports

I. Photo copies land plans

J. Photo copy land in Chatham

K. Sketches re: Levi Eldredge

Box 56 (7)

A. Bernard L. Kendrick (Harwich) Land Court papers 1932

B. Land Court papers, Rufus Small Est., So. Harwich 1931

C. Land Court Bernard Kendrick 1928

D. 1 large file containing folders on Mass. Bar Assoc. (23 items)

Box 57 (8)

A. Plan of land owned by Reuben G. Eldredge and others

B. Yarmouth town landings

C. Damages of Grace Radway against town of Dennis

D. Chatham layouts of taking, Ryders Cove and Oyster Pond

E. Barnstable and Falmouth takings

F. C.C. Paine Form

G. Law of Eminent Domain

H. Eminent Domain Advance sheets

I. 13th Annual Report Planning Board Dec. 31. 1926 Booklet

J. Heirs of Luther Eldredge to town of Chatham

K. Chatham Town Offices 1931

L. Heirs of Luther Eldredge (final)

Box 58 (9)

A. Kelley & Eldredge to Harding

B. Kelley land deeds & maps

C. Mercelia E. Kelley, land court

D. M.E. Kelley, proposed decree

E. Levi W. D. Eldredge, proposed decree

F. Plans

G. M.E. Kelley letter to John Gleason

H. Sketches at trial

I. After trial April 1, 1930

J. Copy of petition

K. Charles Bassett, settlement proposed

L. John Doane

M. Kelley vs. Charles Bassett decision

N. M.E.K. to W.S.H. Hamilton sub. deed

O. M.E.K. -H.A.H.

P. M.E.K. to Gordon Archibald

Q. Extra copies

R. M.E.K. to W. Henry McLean

S. M.E.K., L.W.D.E. to H.A.H.

T. M.E.K. to Violetta H. Scherzer

U. Heirs of Levi Eldredge

V. M.E. Kelley and Levi Eldredge, land court

Box 59 (10)

A. Mercelia E. Kelley to and from John Doane, lot

B. Hattie G. Brooks, adm. Wm. B. Brooks

C. Nathaniel B. Parker, Annie M. Bakewell

D. Gladys L. Mountfort, Albert C. Wimmer–child support

E. R.K. Bladen vs. Chatham Bars Inn and Eastward Ho-nonpayment of bills

Box 60 (10 & 11)

F. Harvey I. Tweddell and Ola Wade Tweddell–land in Dennis

G. Manuel Enos vs. George Henry–mortgage foreclosure

A. Wm. P. Cross, will case 1920

B. Wm. P. Cross, Bill of exceptions

Box 61 (11 & 12)

C. Wm. Cross will case

D. Wm. Cross will case

A. Chatham Trust auto replevin

B. Same as above

C. Same as above

D. Same as above

Box 62 (12)

E. Notes at trial in Chatham Trust Co. cases

F. General Motors Corp vs. Chatham Trust Co

G. Chatham Trust vs. Chase, Dunne, Higgins, Baker, Young, Bousould

H. Chatham Trust Co replevin cases

I. Form of bond

J. Corres. with Dunne

K. Chatham Trust, Williams’ indebtedness

L. 6 empty envelopes

M. National Shawmut Bank, discontinue Purchasers notes

N. 8 envelopes re: Chatham Trust and Ralph Williams

O. Chatham Trust and Ellis, Moore, Ellis, Bassett, Bassett

P. Eames forms of settlement

Q. Final–Chatham Trust vs. Ralph Williams

Box 63 (13)

A. Plans to work up

B. Marconi Wireless Tel, title to Joshua B. Ryder sides

C. Title of record

D. 4 pages re: title to land

E. To and from Kimball Ryder

F. Abstracts of balancing lines

G. Sm env, balancing lines

H. ” ” plans

I. ” ” (11 names)

J. Schoolhouse lot abstract

K. Title of Herbert Bassett

L. Ryders Cove – plan of poles

M. Harbor & land comm, Lovers Lake

N. Pet. & order for location across ways

O. Accident at Marion

P. Further land of Lura S. Reed

Q. Acknowledgement. of deeds of right of way

R. Papers of harbor & land commission office

S. Lovers Lake license

T. Permits

U. Correspondence

Box 64 (14)

A. 100th Ann. Barn Co Mutual Fire Ins. Co

B. American Legion talk Dec, 1927

C. Speech on Puritans and Pilgrims

D. Mary Farmer. Offers for Monomoyick Inn

E. Plan of widening Main St

F. Mary Farmer exec. will of John Farmer

G. Farmer-title to Monomoyick Inn

H. Chat Hist Soc paper on Chatham Lights & town map 1928

I. Letters re: historical marker 1916

J. Armistice Day 1921 poems, clipping

K. Charles Snow, Bessie land court

L. Farmer, sale of inn and husband’s will

M. H. A. Harding vs. Mary Harding

N. Farmer, Herbert Crowell, Addie Eldredge, permits

O. Farmer vs. Charles Snow and Bessie Snow

P. Farmer, T.H. Crowell deed

Q. Farmer vs. Est. Hannah Crowell 1924

R. Farmer vs. F.L. Henderson 1920

S. The Adams Women–Hannah Adams

T. Monomoy title 1925

U. Memorial Day speech & notes 1945

V. Farmer title in general

W. Farmer re: property

X. Chatham Beach Club July 4, 1929

Box 65 (15)

A. Washington bicentennial

B. Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

C. Chatham Beach Club

D. Seth Ryder estate

E. S. Chatham M.E. church, speech on vocation

F. W. Barnstable Armistice Day 1932

G. Cape Cod Canal

H. Cape Regional Planning Board Sept. 1931

I. Chatham town meeting 1932

J. Walter W. Eldredge to Chester A. Kendrick, deed

K. Nettie Kendrick, Shaw fund

L. Virginia A. Harding vs. C.C. Hosp ’34

M. Trusteeship of Barn. Co. Ag. Fair 1933

N. H.A.H. office vs. Western Union Co.

O. Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Assoc. 1931

P. Hyannis town map

Box 66 (16)

A. Kate Gould estate, old bills Franklin Smith

B. Same as above

C. Gould estate, sale, china

D. Gould estate 1927 bills

E. Kimball Howes and Loyal Protection Ins. Co 1928

F. Mass income tax returns 1917-1935

G. Gould estate, bank statements, 1925 A. Kate Gould estate, old bills Franklin Smith

Box 67 (17)

A. Kate Gould, proof of will

B. Memorial Park, rescinding 1933

C. Death & funeral notices Kate Gould

D. Memorial Park petition July 13, 1933 to rescind

E. Plan of Prop, owned by Avis Chase

” ” ” ” “ Kate Gould

Related papers of Park Comm.

F. Kate A. Gould Jury issues 1932

G. Kate A. Gould proof of will

H. Kate Gould proof of will summary of evidence, summary of trial

I. Joshua A. Nickerson statements on divorce

J. Kate Gould Supreme Court appeal

K. Kate Gould kin & heirs

L. Kate Gould on will

Box 68 (17 & 18)

M. Gould–proof of will

N. Kate Gould will

A. Luther and Emma Coombs vs. Estate of Kate Gould

B. Kate Gould estate to pay bills

C. Kiernan Papers

D. Extras for Coombs case

E. Kate Gould vs. Coombs

F. Kate Gould vs. Emma Coombs Estate

G. Petition to pay bills

H. Probate petition to compromise Coombs bill

I. Special Information

J. Kate Gould, Coombs cases

K. Estate of Kate Gould, Executors’ meeting

L. Est. of Kate Gould, writ, Luther Coombs

M. Probate petitions to compromise L.K. Coombs bill

Box 69 (19)

A. Vol. 1 Chatham Trust Co vs. Harold Chase et al & Chatham Trust vs. General Motors Acceptance Corp

B. Vol. II

C. Vol. III

D. Vol. IV

E. Barnstable County Mutual Fire Ins. 100th anniversary 1833-1933

Box 70 (20)

A. Charles H. & Ella Libby vs. Hopkins

B. ” vs. Ray F. Cowan

C ” land court

D. ” vs. Ray F. Cowan

E. Hopkins notes abstracted by HAH

F. John W. Olmstead

G. Thelma Heyelman and F. G. Heyelman vs. Eliza Alma Rogers

H. Herbert W. Smith will 1930

Edw. Hopkins “

Box 71 (21)

A. Edwin W. White, witness certificate

B. Hearing, HAH notes & resumes

C. Edwin White, Gen. X-ray Co. 1932

E. E. White vs. Gen. X-ray costs

F. E. White hearings, notes

D. E. White, affidavit

G. E. White vs. Gen. X-ray 1932

Box 72 (21 & 22)

H. Edwin M. White –notes and protests

A. William F. M. Goss estate

* Box numbers refer to the present archival storage location and the number in parenthesis refers to the original Heman Harding box numbers.

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