Sailing to Cathay

Speaker: Andrew Singer
Tuesday, October 12, 2021 – 5:00 PM

Andrew Singer is a writer and speaker on China. He is a traveler, history lover, and collector of books and Chinese snuff bottles who lives on Cape Cod.

Andrew Singer’s lecture “Sailing to Cathay” explores the vibrant maritime trade routes that linked Europe and Asia before and after the Europeans arrived directly on Asian shores at the turn of the sixteenth century. The Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the South China Sea were the highways of the Ancient World, carrying commodities, art, ideas, people and religion in both directions. On the China side, the Chinese overseas maritime tradition was already more than 1,500 years old when Vasco de Gamma showed up on the West Coast of India in 1498. Chinese porcelains, Southeast Asian aromatics, and Indian pepper — amongst so much more — were the stock and trade. Maritime trade brought Asia to Europe and Europe to Asia with lasting influences on each. The legacy of the Ancient Maritime trade routes remains alive today, and is a story worthy of our time.

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