The Voyage of Windbird

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2023 – 5:00 PM


The most commonly asked question of people who have sailed around the world seems to be, “What was your favorite place?”  It is a very difficult question to answer because each destination is your favorite . . . until you reach the next one.  Through a photo and video journey, world circumnavigator Judy Handley will take you on a voyage to sailing destinations that were her favorites.  You will see the wildlife of the Galapagos and the music and dancing of the South Pacific.  In Indonesia, you will walk through dry grass to see Komodo dragons and go on a river trip in Borneo to see orangutans.  In Thailand, you will see limestone karsts rising from the sea and in the Indian Ocean you will marvel at the unmatched beauty of the Chagos Archipelago.  Madagascar offers an experience like no other where you will see animals that live nowhere else on earth and visit the world’s largest limestone forest.  And finally, you will go on a safari in South Africa before getting back home to Massachusetts.  Come sail with Judy on the Voyage of Windbird.

Reservations are available by clicking HERE.  This lecture will take place IN PERSON at 5:00 PM at the Atwood Museum.

Admission: $10 for non-members, free for members

About Judy Handley:

After 30 years as a public educator who loved taking her students on field trips, Judy Handley, along with her husband Mark, went on the ultimate field trip.  In October of 2005, aboard their 42-foot sailboat named Windbird, they sailed out of Boston Harbor.  Six years later, they sailed into Woods Hole on Cape Cod, having logged almost 39,000 miles.  They visited 36 countries on five continents.  Judy still describes herself as a reluctant sailor and wasn’t sure when she left Boston that she would make it all the way around the world.  But make it, she did.  Shortly before Mark’s death in 2016, they sold their beloved Windbird.  Judy continued logging sea miles with the new owners of Windbird as a guest crew member and now Windbird is headed around the world once again.