1919 by Martin W. Sandler

Sunday Monthly Lecture Series


On: April 14, 2019 at 2pm

At: Atwood House & Museum – Home of the Chatham Historical Society

347 Stage Harbor Road; Chatham, MA  02633


Martin W. Sandler has been writing since 1968. After being injured while playing in the Minor Leagues, Sandler took a job as a junior high history teacher. He found that the textbooks used were not inspiring his students so he took it upon himself to rewrite several chapters. He then submitted them to the publishing company, who accepted his revisions. Sandler has gone on to write other history textbooks and nonfiction books. Some of his books include Imprisoned, How the Beatles Changed the World, The Impossible Rescue and many, many more. He has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize Award and has 5 Emmy Awards. He resides on Cape Cod.


1919: The Year That Changed America, written by Martin W. Sandler, details a remarkable year in American history. Women won the right to vote, the first communism scare happened, the first transatlantic flight was made, and America was recovering from the first World War, all of these and so much more all happened in the year 1919. Martin Sandler will be discussing this book in the upcoming April lecture. Sandler’s mission in life and through his books is to “Try and make history come alive.” Join the Atwood House & Museum for this lecture and learn some interesting insights into American history and its effect today.



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