Articles & Other Digital Resources at The Atwood Museum Website

This page lists resources that are available online at the Atwood Museum / Chatham Historical Society website.

Nautical Charts Virtual Gallery

Fourty-one Nautical Charts from the Museum’s collection are available for viewing and research. View the Nautical Charts on the Nautical Charts Virtual Gallery page.
Also read about the Chatham Nautical Charts Initiative, the Museum’s project to preserve and digitize these important charts from our collection.

Atwood Log Newsletters

The Atwood Log is a quarterly publication of the Atwood House & Museum. Members receive a complimentary copy of the Atwood Log as one of the benefits of membership. Older Atwood Logs are available on this separate page.

AT THE ATWOOD HOUSE Cape Cod Chronicle Columns

The AT THE ATWOOD HOUSE column debuted in the Cape Cod Chronicle on February 6, 2014. We are grateful to Spencer Grey, former chairman of the Chatham Historical Society, for writing most of the articles to date. They are reproduced on the AT THE ATWOOD HOUSE page for your convenience in accessing older articles.

Chatham Preservation Awards

The plaques awarded in recent years to Chatham Preservation Awards winners can be viewed from the Chatham Preservation Awards page.

Launched in 2004, the Chatham Preservation Awards program aims to honor noteworthy efforts by local property owners and others to preserve and maintain historic residences and other important historic resources. Learn more about the program on the Chatham Preservation Awards page.

Online Research Resources

All of the resources above may be useful to the researcher of Chatham history. Many of the Atwood Log publications contain interesting articles of value to the researcher. All the Cape Cod Chronicle columns are essays about Chatham history.

Additional online resources of particular interest for research can be found on the Online Research Resources page.