Atwood House Restoration Project Documentary Video

This documentary video was filmed and produced by Brandon DeTraglia, Chatham High School class of 2011, as his project for the high school's Video Production class. When Mark Wilkins, Director/Curator of the Atwood House & Museum, suggested the Atwood House Restoration Project be documented on film, Brandon volunteered. He was responsible for creating this documentary in its entirety, from writing the script, video taping, and assembling additional media to the final editing. The planning and writing started in the Spring of 2010, and the project was completed during the Fall term of 2010. This documentary demonstrates his talents  and hard work.  (used with permission)

(full credits from the film appear at the bottom of this page)

There are six segments of the film below, together they constitute the entire video.

Segment 1: Outside Introduction (66 sec.)

Segment 2: Inside Introduction (67 sec.)

Segment 3: First Floor Tour (76 sec.)

Segment 4: Upstairs Tour (156 sec.)

Segment 5: Summer Class (80 sec.)

Segment 6: Wrap-up & Credits (39 sec.)


Credits listed at the end of the film:
Filmed and Edited by Brandon DeTraglia
Special Thanks to:
The Director/Curator of the Atwood House: Mark Wilkins
The Chatham Historical Society and Atwood Museum Staff
Additional Footage of Construction: John King
Music by Signal Hill