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Get Involved: Volunteering

Why volunteer at the Atwood House & Museum?

Volunteers are the backbone of the Chatham Historical Society and its Atwood House & Museum. They range in age and include anyone with an interest in history and a desire to share it. Volunteers are needed in virtually all aspects of the Museum's activities.

Our volunteer coordinator is:

Kevin Wright
Phone: 508-945-2493 ext. 18

Areas in need of volunteers include but are not limited to the list below. The museum provides training, support, and a flexible schedule.

  • Buildings & Grounds Manager, 2 - 4 hours per month
    • Track of building and grounds-related maintenance issues
    • Assist with contacting vendors
    • Provide direction to volunteers
    • Periodically review short term and long term building and grounds needs
  • Custodial Assistant, 2 - 3 hours per week
    • Set up and break down of lectures, tables for special events, AV equipment
    • General maintenance and calling repair staff, light bulbs, light fixtures, cleaning inside cases.
    • Hang and move displays
    • Window cleaning
    • Assist with organizing stock rooms, building supplies, archived material, recycling.
    • Assist in processing of acquired material, exhibit material, material on loan and being loaned.
  • Exhibit Planners and assistant Exhibit Planners, 2 - 3 hours per week
    • Plan and produce short term and long term exhibits
    • Design exhibits
    • Create budget for exhibits
    • Assist with getting potential sponsors and grants, as available
  • Assistant Graphic Artist, 2 - 3 hours per week
    • Create signage - banners, titles, talk pieces for exhibits
    • Produce promotional materials - rack cards, brochures, postcards, note cards, business cards, banners
    • Provide website design
    • Produce displays and exhibits
    • Lay out newsletters and correspondence
    • Design and decorate museum for events
  • IT Coordinator, 2 hours per week
    • Advise on set up AV and computer equipment
    • Assist with basic equipment additions, deletions, upgrades
    • Advise on short term and long term equipment needs and changes
    • Instruct others on how to use equipment
  • Publicity Coordinator or assistant Coordinator, 2 - 4 hours per week
    • Update information in websites, our own and/or other event sites
    • Send information to media
    • Arrange for interviews,
    • Develop media contacts and rapport with current contact
    • Handle social media
    • Send out email notices, Constant Contact news and announcements
    • Handle both internal and external communication
  • Registrar, 10 hours per week
    • Manage Accession and De-accession process
    • Contact donors and potential donors about material
    • Obtain additional information on objects - the back story, as available
    • Assist with obtaining/determining values of items
    • Process items, coding, describing, storing
    • Special training provided
  • Membership Assistants/Data Entry, 2 - 4 hours per week each
    • Enter and update membership information
    • Develop contact lists and target lists
    • Assist with mailings, producing labels, reports
    • Handle correspondence, follow up with donors, members, sponsors
  • Museum Guides, 3 - 30 hours per week
    • At least 70 needed in the summer and 10 year-around for special events
    • Click for job descriptions and volunteer form.
  • Volunteer Coordinators, 3-15 hours per week
    • Coordinate volunteer activities
    • Schedule volunteers
    • Assist in training and cross utilizing volunteers
    • Help develop volunteer lists showing skills and interest
    • Recruit volunteers
  • Writers, 2 - 4 hours per month
    • Write articles for newsletters, communications
    • Produce wording for signage
    • Create stories throughout exhibits, talk pieces
  • Museum Shop Assistant Manager, - 2 - 4 hours per week, seasonally
    • Assist with purchasing and tracking inventory
    • Price and layout merchandise
    • Assist with marketing and promotion of shop, as available
  • Membership Assistant, 2-3 hours per week
    • Track new and existing members
    • Send follow-up correspondence
    • Update data-base
  • Development, 2 -3 hours per week
    • Responsible for or assisting with new revenue sources
    • Implement sponsorship programs
    • Assist with fundraisers
    • Provide support to membership

List as of 7/28/2016.

Why join us?

There are many reasons why so many have chosen to spend their time at the Atwood House:


One of the main things youíll do here at the Atwood House is make new acquaintances! There are over 100 volunteers coming and going from the AHM year-round. If you are looking to chat with new people (and make some great friends!), working in our front room as a hostess or gift shop attendant is the place for you! If you prefer a less social job, working in the Archives or conducting research may interest you more.


Are you a history buff? Interested in art or literature? The AHM offers dozens of volunteer opportunities in the archives and the costumes and textiles department where you can help uncover important pieces of Chathamís past. Museum guides continue to tell us that they learn just as much about museum artwork and artifacts from visitors as they teach them!

Using your skills or learning new ones

Calling all artists, writers, handymen, and computer whizzes! If you have a special skill you would like to put to good use, come on down! Whatever your skill, we will most certainly have a job for you. If you enjoy learning new things, we will also train you.


We are lucky to have many teaching-oriented volunteers who develop programs such as our monthly Sunday lecture series and educational material for children. If you like teaching, we could use your help to make our department grow!

Good old-fashioned fun

If you're not interested in a regularly scheduled commitment but want to have fun for a day, we'd still love to have you! The Atwood House & Museum is getting busier and busier each year with special events. Jobs such as staffing food tables, handing out flyers, giving directions, etc. are vitally important to the success of our events. If youíre looking for a fun day of volunteering, inquire about any of our upcoming events - we would love the extra help!

While the Museum is only officially open from mid-June to mid-October, the work of the Museum and its volunteer opportunities continue behind the scenes year 'round. So... please join us any time!